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how to be smooth as hell with your crush

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Look how lazy I am today. I’m sorry for the lack of creativity. I have so much going on :( but I’m hoping to start posting more outfits more often!

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I feel like this is J-bay, straight super tubes



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more like this here x

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So then a new video. I’ll start by saying that posting this video is probably the hardest decision i’ve ever made in terms of sharing content publicly. Parts of my life are very public whilst others remain private. My relationship with Ella lives in the private part of my life and has done for a little over two years now. Last christmas Ella went away travelling. She had planned to go for six months. This would be the longest we’ve ever been apart. 3 months in and on the run up to Ella’s birthday we were struggling. Copious amounts of Skype calls, texts and handwritten letters later we were finding the distance hard. During a Skype call Ella jokily challenged me to travel out to Australia and see her. I had a little money saved and some spare time so I decided to do it and arrive in time for her birthday. I filmed my journey as a way of showing her the process and sharing the story with friends and family. I had absolutely no intention of sharing it publicly. My fear of sharing experiences like this is that it would in some way commercialise our relationship. The emotions and actions in this film are deeply personal ones and I would hate to think that by capturing and sharing that it would somehow devalue those feelings. When I cut the film together I showed it to a few close friends and to my surprise more often then not it made them cry. I didn’t imagine it would have this impact. This video is and will remain very personal to me. For that reason it feels strange to share it with such a large amount of people. I haven’t decided yet as to whether I think it was a good idea or not… Importantly Ella feels very comfortable with it which was my main concern. Beyond that my hope is that others watching this will feel a similar emotion to the one I felt whilst making it and to the one my friends felt whilst watching it. 

This is one of the most beautiful videos I’ve ever seen. You all need to watch it.

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